Closeup on construction

Maison de la Tunisie, « Habib Bourguiba » Pavilion
Paris International Student Hall of Residence (14th arrondissement)

Construction of the new student hall of residence has started !

The Habib Bourguiba Pavilion is an emblematic architectural piece on the edge of the Parisian ring road. It is naturally in keeping with the tradition of the International Student halls of residence in the sense that its architecture evokes that of the host country. Rather than suggesting an architectural style or specific era, the project is an abstract evocation of Tunisian culture thanks to the presence of a screen-façade designed in collaboration with the Tunisian artist Shoof.

This façade is evocative of Arabo-Muslim calligraphy as much as the mashrabiya tradition in Tunisian architecture. From a practical point of view, the façade protects the Pavilion residents from direct sunlight and provides real intimacy for all spaces, including at night from the ring road. The architecture of the Pavilion represents 21st century Tunisia, a country that is young, dynamic and open – at the crossroads between Europe, the Mediterranean and the heart of Africa.

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